What Are Macros in Gaming? [2023 Updated]

We all would have seen a keyboard in several instances and there are sure differences between a normal keyboard and a gaming keyboard.

What are macros in gaming?

Compared with the normal mechanical keyboard, gaming keyboards have several additional keys, that help in enhancing the gaming potential of the user. These macro keys can be programmed with several special commands and they can be manipulated in several ways, to improve the gaming potential of the player. 

what are macros in gaming?

what are macros in gaming

Macros are the chain of commands that we use for playing games. These are a combination of keys, for instance, what if a single key could perform the functions of the control, Alt, and the Del keys? The macro keys exactly perform this function. The macro keys are not found commonly in the mouse and the keyboards that we use for our day-to-day work. They can be seen only in gaming keyboards and mice.

There is a great advantage of these macro keys, when we press a single macro key, we could see that the command happens in sequence as programmed.  This helps in saving a lot of time while gaming, where every second counts.

There are other advantages of the macros keys, apart from gaming. We can use them in an array of software applications, be it the execution of spreadsheets, databases, and in word processing. As they can get the job done in just a single button, they are highly useful in saving a lot of time for the user.

Macros in Gaming:

The special keys, found in the gaming keyboard, that make it easy for the players to play the game are known as macros. These keys have a completely different keystrokes and if you want to repeat the same game action over the over again, you will have to press these keys repeatedly. Apart from playing games online, these keys can also be of great help in playing offline games. Thus with the help of these keys, the players will be able to play games seamlessly, without having to remember all the hotkeys.

Macros in Gaming

Using Macros Safely in Games:

Players who indulge in online games are recommended not to use the macros keys often, especially while playing PvP games. This is because online games have a sequence of offense that could get the player easily banned from the game. Since it is not possible for the player to exactly know what is banned, they shouldn’t use them for online gaming.

Using Macros Safely in Games

Worse, most online games will allow the players to assign only one function to the key, thus eliminating the need for purchasing a keyboard with macros. This will impair the function of the macros and allows them to be used as any ordinary key on the keyboard.

Other than these restrictions, the macro keys can be of great help in playing the online game easily and reaching the leaderboard instantly. It becomes very easy for the players who are relatively new to computer gaming, to get a hang of it. This also means that, instead of remembering so many keys for playing the game, the players only have to remember a few dedicated keys and their functions in a section. 

Setting Up Macros in the Gaming Keyboard:

When we say that the macros are found in gaming keyboards that make the games of online players easy and interesting, it doesn’t mean they are readily available. It is not easy to find keyboards with built-in macro keys. An in-depth online search could, however, solve the hurdle. You will have to swim through the product descriptions in detail, to learn if the gaming keyboard comes with programmable keys and macros or not.

Setting Up Macros in the Gaming Keyboard

You will also be able to isolate such keyboards by looking at their design. Macro keys will generally place either on the extreme left of the keyboard or on its extreme right. These keys will be numbered from one to eighteen in series, similar to what we find in the numeric keypad. You will be able to identify and isolate these keys clearly from the rest of the keys on the keyboard.

Most of the macro keys in these keyboards will come with an assigned command. Else, you can easily program the keys with the help of software that is meant for gaming. This software will generally be given by the manufacturer. It can also be installed with the help of the driver app that comes with the keyboard.

How to Find a Gaming Keyboard with Macro Keys?

Gaming Keyboard with Macro Keys

Macro keys save a lot of time for gamers with their command actions, that are pre-programmed. With the help of gaming keyboards, gamers can assign a key to execute the functions with dedicated buttons. The most optimal way is to find a gaming keyboard with built-in macro keys. There are some important aspects to look for, in the gaming keyboard.

  • The size of the keyboard: A full-size Qwerty keyboard will have 105 keys, function keys, a number pad, and cursor keys that move in all four directions. 
  • Membrane keyboard: Consider the gut of the keyboard. Choose a gaming keyboard that features every single key with membrane technology.
  • Macro buttons: Choose gaming keyboards that feature a set of gaming keys. These keys will be available on the left side of the board.
  • Anti-ghosting keyboard: Gaming requires several keys to get pressed at the same time. Choose a keyboard that is capable of accommodating several keys at the same time.
  • Backlit illumination: Choose a keyboard with backlit illumination, that helps to separate each of the keyboard sections in different colors. Such keyboards will also offer ambient visual reference to the keys while playing the game.

The Downfall of Using Macro Keys:

There are ample games that can benefit from the use of macro keys and keyboards that have them in-built. But the players should know how to use them for gaming so that they can have sought an advantage in all the games they play. But some online games might ban them, and numerous players have got banned for using these keyboards in their online games.

Downfall of Using Macro Keys

Is using macro keys in games cheating?

Macro keys are an excellent solution for gamers who want to enhance their performance and make the games a bit easier to play. Some games also consider the use of these keys as cheating. This is generally referred to as automation and can result in the ban of the players from the games and the gaming servers. However, you can benefit tremendously from the macros while using them in an offline gaming environment. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. Is it cheating to use a macros keyboard in the game?

A1. It is not a problem to use the macros keyboard in playing offline games. Some online games however consider the use of these keys as cheating.

Q2. How macros apply in gaming?

A2. In gaming, the macros keys help to implement a lot of gaming commands in just a single keystroke. They make it easy to perform regular tasks, without having to hit the same keys repeatedly. This gives an advantage to the player over the opponent. 

Q3. Is it safe to use macros in gaming?

A3. The use of a macros keyboard could be a source of dispute among players, as it helps in automating some game actions. Other players might think that you have an unfair advantage over the game. Apart from these issues, they are safe to use in gaming.

Bottom Line

PC gaming is completely a complex activity and to seek a competitive edge over the game, it is important to have a good PC gaming keyboard with macros keys. We hope this guide on what are macros in gaming, helps you to find the best gaming keyboard for exceptional gaming needs. 

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