How To Take Off Keycaps Without Tool? [The Secret Way] | 2023 Updated

The concept of taking off keycaps from keyboards is to remove the individual keys from the keyboard for various purposes such as cleaning, customization, or repair. Most keyboard keycaps are designed to be removable to provide access to the switches underneath, allowing for cleaning or replacement of the switches or keycaps themselves. Removing the keycaps … Read more

How to Make Keyboard Quieter? [6 Unknown Ways] [2023 Updated]

How to Make Keyboard Quieter

If you are someone who interacts with the keyboard often and has to type loads of text every single day, you might have known that your mechanical keyboard emits annoying noises, that are characteristically clicky, loud, and audible in an otherwise silent hallway. The action of the individual switches on the keyboard is the reason … Read more