How to Move All Steam Games to Another Drive? [5 Amazing Ways]

Almost everyone uses the Steam community to download and play games. However, you may have a lack of storage space on your main drive. Professional gamers do keep their Storage space free so that your PC performs well. A simple way to free your space is to move Steam contents to a new space. Creating a backup folder or a new drive could be easier. Simply follow the steps below to know more about how to move all steam games to another drive.

Creating a Separate Steam Library

If you wish to create a different library, you will have to create a fresh directory and then you can follow the steps mentioned below-

Step 1: Turn on your PC and now it will be time to launch your Steam application. Click on the client and it will allow you to open up the settings. Once it opens up, you will have to click the Steam option. It should be present on the left corner.

Step 2: Now you will have to go to the setting space available. You can do this by selecting the dropdown list and then look for the settings panel open. You can launch this option in a different window as well.

Step 3: Navigate to this new window and you will find multiple options like downloads. Go to this section and then click on Steam library Folders. You can now follow on-screen instructions.

Step 4: The next step is to choose and add a library folder. By doing this, it will create a new library folder on your computer. You can easily rename this directory and you will be able to create a new folder easily.

Shifting your Games to New Library

Now your second library is created, You will now be able to access files in your steam library and then sort them out to your new library.

Step 1: Go to your new library and then give a right-click on the home page. Look for properties from the drop-menu feature available here.

Step 2: The next thing that you need to do is to tap on local files option from the menu. It should pop up once you click on properties. Here, you need to find the option move install folder. Simply tap on this.

Step 3: By clicking on this, a new window will now prompt up. There should be multiple options like browsing local files or backup game files. Click on the steam library option here. Look for the move folder menu and tap on this.

Steps To Shift Library

Moving your library is the next step. Until now, you have completed selecting the folder from which you will be able to transfer the files. It is now the time for you to set up the library folder and start moving.

Step 1: The first thing to do is to create a new steam folder and follow all the steps mentioned above. Once you are done, simply stop your client.

Step 2: Now open up the steam installation folder on your PC. Go for Local disc drive>Program Files>Steam for more. Here, you will find all relevant file information. Simply delete all folders that are available for Steam apps and user data.

Step 3: You will now be able to choose the copy and paste this library folder into the new page. You can find it easily with E:\SteamLibrary which will help you to get fast results.

Step 4: You can now open steam again and choose to verify your game files. You can encounter all issues and get to completely remove steam and then install it again.

Other Alternative Methods You Can Try

1. Move Install Folder Feature

Step 1 : The first thing to do is to run your Steam account. You will not have to go to the settings page. Look for multiple folders available and you can find Downloads option here. You will have to look for all the available library folders. Now you can easily add one.

Step 2 : Creating a new drive for your shift is important. To do this, you will have to click on OK after creating a new name. Follow next steps to continue.

Step 3 : Look for all available folders in the manager library. Here, you will be able to find your listed games. Simply close this window. Create a new path and you will be able to install these files.

Step 4 : You need to give a click here and then you’ll be able to find all relevant games listed. Once done, right click on any game of your choice which you would like to move. You can now choose Properties.

Step 5 : Look for all local files available. You will now be able to switch over to this tab and then move the new folder. Simply drag your installation folder here.

Step 6 : Now you can simply give a click to Move Folder. The procedure to start moving games will complement. This entire procedure will take some time to complete as well.

2. Using Library Manager for Steam

Step 1 : The first thing that you need to do is to go to the official page of the Steam manager library. You need to login to your account and then connect your steam account.

Step 2 : Once you get your account connected, simply open up the file and you will be able to create them. Move them accordingly by drag & drop feature. Select every game and drop it to your online library.

Step 3: The next thing you need to do is to go to the Task Manager tab. this is where you will be able to find all relevant games which will be present. Click on the Start button to move all steam games here.

3. A New Steam Install

Step 1 : The first thing that you need to do is to open up the steam account and then go to your PC. Go to C drive on your PC and open Program Files. You can now find Steam Folder

Step 2 : You will have to copy your Steam folder and then paste it to a new drive.

Step 3 : Now you will have to rename this old folder. Once done, simply keep it back in the old directory. You can always have the option to delete this later.

Step 4:

You will have to simply go on to run Steam.exe file and bring it to a new location. All folders and files will be moved automatically.

Is It Good To Put Your Steam Games in HDD or SSD?

To be fair, this completely depends on how many games you have. If you are a beginner and just have 1 or 2 games, putting them up on your SSD could be the ideal option. SSD loads up fast and it always saves your time. If you are having more games, it is more important to choose a HDD. This will keep your files secure and allow your PC to perform well.

[How To Move All Steam Games To Another Drive?] Conclusion

Shifting your games to a new drive instead of your Steam drive always creates space for your PC. With cloud storage and local storage available now, most professional gamers use the same. If you wish to know more about moving all Steam Games to a separate drive, you can follow the complete guides mentioned above.

TIP: Remember to always create a backup before you start moving these games. It will help in case your PC is turned off.

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