How to Hold a Gaming Mouse? [3 Different Types Of Mouse Grips Explained]

When you wish to play your favorite games, the first thing to come to your mind should always be a good gaming console. Having a comfortable grip on your mouse is always great to use. Whether you are playing games or working on your office gaming mice are present everywhere. 

The right grip while working will impact your performance. With a comfortable grip, you will be able to work better and also improve your gaming performance. If you wish to hold onto a mouse properly, you would have to go through this guide below on how to hold a gaming mouse to know about grip positions and styles available here.

What Are The Types Of Mouse Grips?

Before you go on to hold a mouse, it’s important to know the right process behind it. Ofcourse, choosing the best mouse grip for your needs is always important to keep in mind. This is very important if you do not wish to get rid of your mouse because of tired fingers.

Whenever you’re playing a game that takes too much time, it is almost certain that your fingers will get tired. So be sure about this before playing up your favorite games. This is why, choosing a proper mouse that is comfortable with your grip is very important. It allows you to get the right type of work done inside a few minutes.

Below are a few different types of grips available and you can choose them!

1. Palm Grip

Palm grip is basically the most common type of grip available with your mouse. It is highly popular amongst gamers and non-gamers as well. Most people who like to work more or even spend hours in front of a PC do prefer these palm grip requirements. Out of 100 people sitting, you would find almost 80 of them having a palm grip. It is basically a multi-purpose grip that is best to use for any type of requirements. It also allows you to use a mouse for all needs.

Palm grip is basically a multi-purpose purpose grip where you can rest your entire palm. In this case, the upper part of the mouse is covered with your palm and it acts like a proper support. The palm grip is basically a comfortable grip by far because it will keep your hands in a relaxed position all the time. Thus, there should not be many chances of hands getting a big cramp. In reality, a palm grip is actually a support system for your fingers rather than speed and accuracy.

When you are using a palm grip, it will not get you tired at all. This is simply because it allows you to gain proper support. At the same time, you can use this type of grip for competitive matches to resist longer. However, it is well designed for your longer support. Out of all the other three types of grips available, palm grip is probably the most comfortable type of grip available. A lot of people do apply this while playing their favorite games on the go.

2. Fingertip Grip

By the name itself, you can guess that fingertip grip is best for your gaming needs. It is probably the least type of gaming mouse that is set for your daily uses. Using a fingertip grip means that you will have to use the product with your hands itself! There will not be much support or balance available as all you need to do is with your finger tips.

If you’re planning to play more shooting games or similar action games, choosing a finger tip could be a sensible option. There are few high-end gaming mice available that allow you to get an ideal gaming grip while playing action games. With the help of such a mouse, you’ll be able to swiftly move from one direction to another or change your gaming weapon.

Very few professionals do use a fingertip gaming mouse because of so many controls. It basically acts like a console to give you better flexibility while playing your favorite games. You need to keep in mind that such mice are built for precision and not for support You may feel a bit of pain after using the gaming mouse for a lot of time.

3. Claw Grip

Probably the best type of grip available for you is the claw grip. It is also the most common type of grip available in the gaming world. This is mainly because most professional gamers do use this gaming mouse grip for multipurpose use. It is designed to support your clear. If you have larger pals, it allows you to get the best way out.

If you have larger palms or your fingers may outreach your mouse, choosing such types of mice could be a great idea. In a claw grip mouse, it sits comfortably in your palm so that you can get to play with your claw. As a result, such mice are designed with multiple buttons and compatibility. It also allows you to get better flexibility and results to your fingers.

You can use this flexibility according to your requirements. In any terms, having such grips allow you to play games in a better way. If you are planning to play a game that requires multiplayer combat, choosing such claw grip options could prove to be a great option for you.

How To Hold A Gaming Mouse Properly?

Using your gaming mouse ergonomically does not always deepen on the grip. Infact, there are a lot of other things as well which can matter. Here are some key things that you can keep in mind if you wish to use your mouse comfortably.

Try to maintain a grip that is comfortable for you. It is not necessary that you have to follow others while you are playing. You can adjust the mouse with a loose palm. Holding it tightly will result in extreme pain and suffering.

Try to make your grip comfortable and not too tight. Having a tight grip actually increases your blood pressure and allows nerves to sustain pain. After an hour of use, you will feel tremendous pain in your palm.

To use mouse accuracy better, it is important to keep a note of dpi settings. DPI of your mouse has a direct impact on accuracy and also time lag. Having higher dpi settings will surely make it comfortable for you to play your favorite games.

Most gaming mice come with 1000 Hz dpi settings. You can still get multiple controls on your mouse to adjust these settings. It is better to keep your dpi settings around 1000 Hz which will keep it better for playing favorite games.

More than your holding position, angle of rest for your elbow should be a top priority. Make sure you get to create a 90-degree angle which will help you to sit in an ergonomic position. It also allows you to work and play longer and relieve your body.

You can read more about ergonomic sitting positions to keep your body balance straight and upright. This will increase your productivity and also allow you to work longer in case you are working in your office for a longer time.

To make it more comfortable, you need to keep your elbows in a better position. As a result, it should always be on the table. Placing them on your table allows you to get comfortable movement everywhere.

Infact, it allows you to quickly drift from left and right without having any type of injury. When you place your elbows on the table, it allows better friction. This will always keep a good body balance and sustain from any type of injuries.

While you are clicking your mouse switches, restrict to as low as possible. Multiple clicks will never be good for your fingers or your mouse as well. However, there are still some games which require you a multi-tasking gaming mouse.

If possible, you need to restrict using hotkeys to a much lower amount. This will help you to get a better solution for your gaming needs. You can always sum up work in the least amount of time possible.

Movement of your arms plays a big role when you are playing a game. If you’re going with CS: GO or Fortinet, your movement needs to be fast. As a result, it may directly affect your wrist if you keep a tight grip and allow your wrists for movements.

Our natural reaction to finger movements comes through our wrists. This is where you need to stop and make a change using your arms could always provide you with better flexibility.

Having longer gaming sessions could be interesting at times, but it will always decrease your performance. Continuously staring at your PC and even clicking your mouse will always create chances of fatigue. This will automatically reduce your performance.

When you are up for playing action games, there are more chances that you will miss headshot by a far margin. Thus, having shorter gameplay could allow you to perform better under any circumstances.

[How To Hold A Gaming Mouse?] Conclusion

Honestly, your best grip positions must always be the one that comforts you. Placing a mouse pad just below this mouse could provide an extra support. Make sure that you choose a gaming mouse that fits in your finger size and it is not excessively wide. Make sure that your finger, elbow and body position is in proper coordination. The right angle and work rate will always allow you to get an amazing productivity.

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